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Bus Rear Advertising

Bus Rears

A cost-effective format which can make a huge impact, bus rear advertising is a great way to target other motorists, pedestrians and passengers across London.

Available on both single and double decker buses in the capital, bus rear advertising offers high dwell time and gives potential consumers time to absorb your advertising message.

It is a particularly effective format to consider if you are looking to target an audience of drivers and their passengers, with motorists sat behind your advertisements when in traffic, on the move or when the bus is stationary at bus stops. Bus rear advertising gives you the opportunity to interact with your target audience whilst they have high concentration levels in a captive environment, and is a great way to raise awareness of a product or brand.

Bus Back by London Bus Advertising

If you’re looking to make an even bigger impact with your London Bus Advertising campaign, why not consider going the extra mile with mega rear bus advertising?

Mega Rear

Mega rear bus ads allow you to take over the entire rear of the iconic red London bus, delivering a powerful creative message and effectively transforming the bus into an eye-catching mobile billboard.

Mega Rear for Juicy Couture

Again, mega rears are available on both single and double decker buses and are a great way to target other motorists but also passengers on the high street, who see the imposing full-length bus advert travel past them, with extended dwell time meaning they get to take in the full ad creative as it travels down the road in front of them.

To discuss what a bus rear or mega rear advertising campaign in London could do for your business or brand, get in touch with us today.